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Considered as one of the most promising French pianists of his generation, Dexter Goldberg's journey was by no means typical... 

Completely self-taught on the piano, he was accepted into Paris's prestigious conservatory where he learned to combine his Debussy-like classical influences with the hard-swinging bop from his American roots. 

With critical acclaim in the France press from the likes of Jazzman & JazzThing magazines, he now brings his poetic take on jazz to a wider audience. 




Selected "Jazz à la Defense" Paris 2008

2nd Prize « Jazz A Vannes » 2009

1st Prize Conservatoire National Supérieur De Musique De Paris 2014

« Fresh Sound » 2015

Selection « Trophées Du Sunside » Paris 2015 

1st Prize « Concours International Leopold Bellan » 2015



Has worked with :

Benny GOLSON, Ralph MOORE, David EL MALEK, Steve McCRAVEN, Gene PERLA, John BETSCH, Peter IND, Ricky FORD, Sangoma EVERETT, Gilles NATUREL, Jean TOUSSAINT, Ishiro ONOE, Camille BERTAULT, Harry SWIFT, Yoni ZELNIK, Bruno ROUSSELET, Bruno ZIARELLI, Laurent BATAILLE, Manu GRIMONPREZ, Michel GOLDBERG,Caroline FABER, Jean BARDY, Mathilde, Andrea MICHELUTTI, Fabien MARKOZ, Karim ADDADI, Jean-michel COUCHET, Michaël CHERET, Ludivine ISSAMBOURG, Loïs LEVAN, Laura LITTARDI,etc.


Meetings/Masterclass/Lessons with :

Danilo PEREZ, Kenny WERNER, Jeff BALLARD, Larry GRENADIER, Eddie GOMEZ, André CECCARELLI, Joachim KÜHN, Vijay IYER, Jean-Francois ZYGEL,  Jimmy OWENS, Pierrick PEDRON, Boris BLANCHET, Phillipe SOIRAT, Gaël HORELLOU, Sylvain CLAVIER, Spike HEATLEY, Eric LEGNINI, Franck AGULHON, Mathias ALLAMANE, etc.

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