Following his acclaimed first album, Dexter Goldberg (the French pianist with the predestined first name!) is back on record leading a completely renewed trio, formed with two young French jazz wizards. Summoning the genuine spirit of childhood and the pleasure of interplay, Goldberg puts his trio into perspective, moving from homage to the great masters — in particular, Ahmad Jamal, who encouraged him just before passing — to the joyful building of moving musical forms. Dazzling!

Published on September 8, 2023

Labels Dexter's Music et Jazz&People

Dexter Goldberg, piano
Clément Daldosso, doublebass
Raphaël Pannier, drums
+ Mathias Lévy, violon on n° 8.

"Here's a boy who does honor to his name!"

Alex Dutilh, France Musique

"Dexter demonstrates exuberant yet controlled inventiveness, ease and freedom on the keyboard, revealing a very interesting musical personality."

Jean-Pierre Jackson, Pianist Magazine

"Having come to jazz during the time of his first baby bottles, Dexter Goldberg is a highly dedicated musician, skillful at weaving poetic atmospheres in trio, exquisite with ambiguities."

Télérama TTT

"Taste, imagination, sometimes unrestrained ideas: Dexter Goldberg offers us a refined and original cocktail."

François Lacharme, FIP

"With just the right amount of strength and delicacy, Dexter asserts his personality, that of an authentic jazzman of the 21st century."

Fred Goaty, Jazzmagazine

"Nothing but good times marked by a constant concern for form and remarkable liveliness."

Bruno Guermonprez, Jazz News

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Dexter Goldberg Trio

« Caliboudja »


GOLDBERG(S) is a duo, a deeply woven musical relationship, which draws from our natural father-son complicity... but also from an equal and intense passion for music. It's a complicity but also a stubborn work of rehearsal, research, and arrangements that has allowed us to explore almost every facet of color, space, and sonic material that this intimate formation of the duo offers.

The repertoire has been shaped by our respective musical journeys... it results from meticulous choices: beautiful timeless melodies, too rarely played for some, sometimes melancholic, joyful, or romantic, which bring us together and serve as a bridge with our audience, so sensitive to this repertoire full of character.

From a natural father-son complicity, this intimate and precious album was born, charged with emotion. The list of songs, shaped by our respective musical journeys, results from meticulous choices: beautiful melodies, tinged with optimism, melancholy, romance.

Published on June 28, 2019

Label Ahead

Michel Goldberg, saxophone ténor et soprano

Dexter Goldberg , piano


« Family Business »


With a name like that, could this brilliant pianist escape his fate as a jazzman ? A joyous virtuosity, an alert touch and relaxed movements, Dexter Goldberg has jazz under his fingers. From rhythmic meetings to a catchy groove with sudden changes, his first album "Tell Me Something New" sounds like a playful manifest of a trio that reaches beyond the established formula by the grace of his writing and the joy from constantly changing the game. A jazzman is born : he's called Dexter Goldberg.

Published on May 4, 2018

Labels Dexter's Music et Jazz&People

Dexter Goldberg, piano
Bertrand Beruard, doublebass
Kevin Lucchetti, drums

Photo : Stem
Graphic design : Olivier Linden.

« A joyful, fresh, sparkling, communicative energy. » Jazz Magazine "Révélation"

« Here's a boy who does honor to his name! » — Alex Dutilh, "Open Jazz," France Musique

« A beautiful introduction »Jazz News

« The enticing compositions of his debut album have revealed the great talent of Dexter Goldberg, a 31-year-old pianist who lives up to his name (borrowed from Dexter Gordon), and just as much to his surname (evoking Bach's famous variations). »Télérama

« The manifestation of a already solid trio that we hope is destined for great longevity »Citizen Jazz

« Dexter brings a breath of fresh air to the constant flow of piano trio releases. »Jazzthing

They said :

Dexter Goldberg Trio

« Tell Me Something New »